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Tips For Packing Your Clothes For A Move

A lot of preparation and planning goes into the process of moving into a new home. All these preparations are important to make sure that all your possessions will also go with you to your new home. This means that none of your key possessions will be left behind and they are ready for unpacking and use once you arrive at your destination.

Packing your belongings is part of preparing for a move. One of the particular items that you own which you should make sure you pack properly is your clothes. Although you may say that it is more important that all your clothes arrive in your new home before or at the same time that you do, still, you would do well to pack all your wardrobes properly so that they don’t get damaged and you can wear them immediately after the move.

Below are some useful tips you can follow for packing your clothes for your move:

Find out if you can leave your clothes inside the drawers of your bedroom cabinets.

If you find the task of emptying your dresser prior to your move too much work, check with the movers if you can simply leave your clothes inside them. The movers may have no problem with this, especially if the cabinet wouldn’t be too heavy, even if your clothes are in them. However, make sure that these drawers can be locked and you have the keys to open them once they have been delivered to your new home.

Use the right storage unit.

Regular boxes will work if you pack smart. This entails folding and labeling the contents of your closet or clothes in a systematic fashion so that many of them can fit in each box. By packing properly, you get to avoid wrinkling your clothes too much as well. In addition, you can use some sort of tissue or packing paper to keep your clothes in the box clean and fresh.

Specialty wardrobe boxes with built-in racks can also be used to transport hanging clothes. If you want your clothes to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free, consider investing in and using them for the move.

Use your luggage.

Lastly, if you have some large-sized luggage and you’ll be bringing them with you when you move, fill them with your clothes. Your luggage will be perfect for moving your delicate or pricey clothing items. Using your luggage will also enable you to easily identify where your clothes are on the moving truck.

The First Key to Making Travel More Fun

Have you ever been on a vacation that ended up being more stressful than your normal work and life at home? Traveling anywhere can be remarkably challenging-whether it be visiting relatives nearby, making your way to a national park you’ve always wanted to see, or taking off on a grand adventure overseas. You find yourself plucked out of your comfort zone and in unfamiliar territory. Even small tasks can become major challenges. And you feel pressure not to miss out on anything essential, or waste time and money spinning your wheels, uncertain about where to go next or how and when to get there.

But international travel doesn’t need to add to your stress level, or make you reach for the Rolaids. The first tip for making travel more fun is to have a complete trip plan in advance.

Lay the preliminary groundwork for your trip before you leave home. This will make a tremendous difference in how smoothly your trip goes, and how much fun you have along the way. Lack of preparation adds to the stress levels of any trip, especially a trip to a foreign country where the people speak a different language, and you may have limited access to the Internet or your smart phone.

Research and plan each day of your trip, and make notes with all the details you will need as you move through each day. Do not be tempted to simply take along a guidebook that chronicles the numerous possibilities-activities, restaurants, sights, day trips and spots of interest. You certainly won’t have time to read all this and create plans on the fly while you are on your trip. And how can you look forward to your trip in advance if all you know is your general destination?

Sift through all your specific options and investigate them fully online. Make heavy use of Google to weed through all the possibilities, determine what you most want to do and why, and otherwise make your selections in advance. Map View on will allow you to choose accommodations in the heart of what you most want to see. Additional research will reveal what modes of transportation will add the most to your trip enjoyment.

Use Google maps to lay out the sequence and order of your days, clustering activities by their proximity to each other, and selecting optimal places to lunch and dine, or simply to take a break, along the way. Visit the websites of the restaurants and cafés you select to check out their pictures and reviews, and to note down their addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. If possible, go ahead and make your reservations to ensure the times and tables of your choice.

To save yourself the hundreds of hours needed to come up with a perfected trip plan on your own, you may instead opt to make use of one of the Great Trip guidebooks, where a full trip plan has been pre-designed for you. Or you could use these guidebooks as models to ensure that you don’t miss out on things you really would have enjoyed if only you had known about them in time.

With your trip plan, accommodation maps, vouchers, train tickets, and even some of your restaurant reservations, in hand, you will be well prepared and primed to arrive and let the fun begin. Then onwards- ready, set, go-to experience and explore the wonders and potential of your destination.

Interesting Incidents Of Travel

Each one of us has varied experiences of travel in life. Some are etched with interesting characters while some fade from our memory after the travel. Here, some of the strange incidents during travel are shared for your view.

Bus journey. A young woman boarded the almost-empty town bus and requested another lady to give way for occupying the window seat. Promptly did the second lady conceded. However, she felt discomfort in space and asked, ” Why you are particular about sitting here while other seats are vacant and more comfortable?” The newcomer retorted, “I have right to sit anywhere. Who are you to question me! Mind your words.”

Stubborn smoker. It was a van climbing the ghat road in India. The passengers were enjoying the cool breeze and the thrilling ride on a narrow road with steep slopes overlooking the valley below. The music started playing in the van while some engaged in chitchats. After about 5 KM trip, one person started smoking much to the disliking of other travellers. An elderly person asked the smoker to stop the cigar at once as the women and children felt suffocating. The head-weighted smoker refused by saying “I smoke by investing my money for my pleasure. Why should I waste my puff.’ Another person intervened as ” if that is the case, why do you waste the smoke, you keep it within you to get the full benefit.” Now, the smoker got disgusted and had no choice but threw out the cigarette.

Interest in freebies. After landing at the destination, two officials of a company reached their hotel for the night stay. Immediately after checking into the room the older of them started picking up the complimentary toiletry kit kept by the hotel and told his colleague, “Sir, You can have the freebie the next day as I took the same today.” However, the other fellow said, “No issue. Have all of them for you, but leave the comb for me.” Because the first guy was bald-headed.

Cheater cock. The bus conductor persuaded the passengers to get the tickets as there would be a checking-squad at the next stop. The moment the bus halted at the next place, the squad members did their duty by calling for the tickets for everyone inside the bus. One woman had neither the ticket nor any reason to explain her situation. Instead, she queried, “Why do you always catch hold of me leaving others?”

Indicator lamp. I was riding my bike with the rear lamp on as I was about to take a right turn after some distance. Suddenly, a motorcycle overtook mine and slowed down in front of me. The Sardarji sitting on that vehicle cautioned me with all sincerity, ‘Sir, Your rear lamp is on.” I replied, “Yeah, Going to turn right.”

How You Can Start Working As a Travel Blogger Right Now

Working as a Travel Blogger and the Travel Blogger Salary

This may be a stupid question, but are you someone that loves to see the world and travel to new locations frequently? Okay, here’s the next question: do you enjoy writing about where you’ve been? If you answered yes to these questions, you may enjoy a rewarding career as a travel blogger. Becoming a traveler blogger may be a dream of many people. It’s a great way to get paid for a hobby that allows you to travel the world. Your financial freedom can be attained in that you can generate cash while enjoying what you love to do: travel!

Start a Blog

Well, this shouldn’t be rocket science, but one of the first steps to getting paid as a travel blogger is to start your own travel blog. You want to research the best ways to first monetize your blog before you are offered to travel and get paid. This can create and generate income on the short term to allow you to finance your trips ahead of time, so you are not spending your own money on it. It takes a little bit of time and some hard work, but eventually you can see all of this pay off-no pun intended.

Make Your Blog Your Life

You won’t be able to be successful at earning a travel blogger salary if you don’t put everything you got into your blog. You will probably work much harder than you ever imagined. But the good news is you will love it. You shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money your first year. Many advertisers will not know who you are so you need to create your brand and get your name out there in the travel blogger world to even be offered to travel to locations to write about.

When you are a travel blogger, you don’t really have time off anymore. This means you will have to ensure you are always connected and online with your fans and fan base. You will have to ensure any posts on social media are always going up. But the trade off to not having time off is you get paid to travel. It’s an amazing career that can allow you to view the world.


Enjoy a rewarding career that can take you around the world and pay you for it. Many travel bloggers know that the travel blogger salary can be up and down due to being a freelancer, but it’s always important to set aside a savings when you have times of making too much money so during the slower times you are able to still keep traveling and doing what you were always meant to do. With the ability to travel around the world, you will gain experience in learning different cultures that others dream about. It can be an exciting and rewarding career that not many people will understand, but they will all be most envious of it, always eager to learn more about how you make a living.

Lake Victoria in Tanzania

There is the Bujora Cultural Center situated near the town of Mwanza that is famous for teaching the local Sukuma Dance and even more interesting the guests enjoying their vacations in Tanzania would get the chance to explore and experience the culture of the largest tribe of the country.

Mwanza itself is the second largest city in the country after the capital, Dar El Salam, and it is a famous starting point for several travelers who tour Tanzania to enjoy many safaris in the famous Serengeti Western section.

Being the second largest city in Tanzania, Mwanza is the economical hub of the country. The Indian influence is quite evident in Mwanza as it can be viewed in many constructions and architecture. The town is also the largest industrial center and it hosts the most important port. However, the town has also been able to preserve the village feel and soul. A little number of tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania would visit Mwanza on their way to the famous Serengeti Park.

Mwanza also hosts some remarkable mosques and a few Indian Temples. Those who are recommended for tourists that travel to Tanzania are the Temple St. and the Temple St. West. A one-day visit to Mwanza would be notable to explore some of these architecture that blend the Indian style with African outlines and motifs.

Another important attraction at the area of Lake Victoria, there is the Nyerere Museum located in the northern section of the town of Butaima that is quite remarkable especially for those who are fond of nature and the experience of living on the shores of a huge fresh water lake.

The museum dedicated to Julius Nyerere who acted as the leader of the country from 1960 to 1985. It is recommended as well for any traveler visiting Tanzania who would like to know about the independence of the country

For those who are fond of national parks, there is the Rubondo Island National Park that is located in the South Western section of the Victoria Lake. This park is featured with many wild animals and birds and is quite notable for half-day visits for tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania.

To the Eastern shores of the Victoria Lake, there is the small charming peninsula of Musoma featured with its wonderful sunset and sunrise scenes. With a great local market, fishing ports, and shores, the town is also quite suitable for half-day visits for vacationers enjoying theirtrip in Tanzania.

The streets of Musoma are characterized by their colorful their lined up small shops and Indian style stores. The town also hosts amazing green mountains that blend many local African cultures together. A large number of tourists who travel to Tanzania love the African art and culture.

Another place that would be of interest is Lukuba Island or the island of lighting. In fact Lukuba consists of two major island and many smaller islands around them. These islands are featured with their wonderful greenery and some impressive mountains suitable for some hiking and camping. There are also some distinctive types of lizards, red monkeys, and some amazing birds. Many travelers who tour Tanzania would love to explore the wild scenes of the country.

5 Tips for Hiring Taxis Without Spending a Fortune

It is true that nothing comes for free in this world but that does not mean that you have to pay the extra bucks for everything. You should keep this in mind while hiring a taxi too. Whenever you are thinking of travelling comfortably from one place to another, a cab is the first thing that comes to your mind. You might need a chartered vehicle at any point when you are thinking of going for shopping, sightseeing, to your office, to the airport and even for vacations especially in places where you cannot take your private car. So it is important that you know how to book the perfect car that will not take a toll on your pocket.

Various companies will claim to offer you the best services and charge very high because of that. But in reality, it may happen that you end up in a mess without getting the service that you expected and the cost incurred would also be enormous. It is for this reason that you do some amount of research before zeroing in a particular taxi company.

The following are some of the tips that will help you to hire without paying a hefty amount.

Research online – You should look for cheap taxis online. In that way, you will be able to see not only the rates but also what kind of service a particular company provides.

Try to go for less luxurious cabs – This will help to cut down the cost a bit. If you are travelling in a group, then you will need a big car. So your charges will already be quite high. Added to it, if you go for a luxurious car, that is definitely going to take a toll on your pocket.

Book Cabs in Advance – This is quite a quite cost-effective way of booking. If you book much earlier than you are travelling, then you will be able to avail discounts and also reduce the costs that are not required. If you need a vehicle every day, you can book every week. Booking, on the weekends, also ensures that your travel does not turn out to be an expensive one.

Opt out of rental insurances – Many companies will insist you opt for a rental. Try to avoid it as it will make you pay extra.

Be a member – If you are going to hire this vehicle, it is always advisable that you be a member of the company so that you can use all the services and offers that the company provides.

The above are some of the tips for hiring inexpensive cars while travelling.

Keys To Planning Cheap Package Holidays

When the time comes to book a vacation, there is a lot to do to get organized. You have to sort through the hotels, airline flights, and local attractions to plan out your itinerary. If you are unsure what you are looking for, or if you do not have the time to put together a plan, it is often better to create a combination deal with cheap package holidays.

Cheap package holidays allow you to get everything that you need all at one time. There are no separate bookings of hotels, plane tickets, and amusement park admissions. You can get everything you need all at one place and for one price. This is usually the more affordable option and it takes out all the stress and guesswork of trying to put together the package yourself.

The first tip to getting cheap package holidays is being flexible on where you are willing to go. If you are open-minded about the place you are going to visit, you will have a better range when it comes to pricing. As long as you have an activity in mind, you can then decide where to go exactly. Start with the general criteria of an island, ski resort, or water park. You can also narrow your results by location.

Another way to get cheap package holidays is knowing when to book the trip. You really have two options when it comes to setting up the vacation. You can either reserve your package several months in advance, or you wait and plan the trip at the last minute. Usually if you request a package within two weeks of going, you are going to get a better price.

Being able to be flexible on time is going to help in finding cheap package holidays as well. Some of the time factors include when you go, how long you stay, and at what time of the day or night you are willing to fly. The more you are able to bend in these categories, the bigger range you are going to have when it comes to price.

Allow yourself to live without certain extras or find ways to get what you need on your own. The benefit of booking a package vacation is the fact that you get everything you need for one price. However, not all packages or going to have everything you need.

One deal may give you admission to the museum that you are looking for while the other will not. Explore prices of buying the tickets separately and you may actually be able to get a better deal that way. Instead of the tickets, you will get a car rental and your hotel included. If the package with the car rental is cheaper than booking the car on your own, you will want to select that package.

Plan to take your trip with a few friends or family members. Package deals are generally created in a way that the more people that go, the cheaper the vacation is going to be. Get in touch with your comrades and see if anyone is interested in taking the adventure with you. It can end up saving you a great deal and it will be a lot more fun.

If you have the opportunity, travel from a main airport. The larger airports book flights at a cheaper price. When you have to start off at a smaller airport, you are going to most likely hit one of these larger ones along the way. That time and space in between is costing you money. Discover where the closest one is to you and check your flights that way.

With a few simple flexibilities and the right preparation, it is simple to save money and get cheap package holidays that are not going to empty your wallet.

Ocean Blue Holidays is a premier travel planning agency. It is a family owned and operated business that strives to provide their customers with the best deals available when it comes to planning a trip anywhere in the world. Along with setting up trips to beaches, boutiques, and other destinations, they also specialize in booking cruises. The team is passionate about helping clients organize trips that are unforgettable. Ocean Blue Holidays guarantees that they will provide each patron with the best possible service and highest standards from start to finish.

Vacations In Iceland

One of the most agreed upon historical theories about Iceland is that the first visitors who discovered Iceland were monks who came from Scotland in the 8th century. However, the first human settlement in Iceland was at the end of the 9th century. Many of the peoples who first resided in Iceland came from Norway and Ireland.

Lots of travelers began to tour Iceland due to its unparalleled atmosphere. The iced rivers cover more than 10% of the whole surface area of Iceland. Some of these rivers host hot water springs at its outlets, which is one of the most matchless natural scenery in the entire globe.

Another amazing feature in Iceland is that it is the only place in the world where you can view the sun at midnight! Yes, the sun shines in Iceland all day long in the month of June, while in December; the sun shines most of the night. These exceptional ambiences attract many travelers to spend a vacation in Iceland.

In winter, guests who travel to Iceland can view the Aurora, these amazing pink, yellow, green, and blue lights that come from the North and South poles. Where else in the world would guests find beaches with black volcanic sand, this only occurs in Iceland.

Despite the fact that the winter season in the country is very cold, many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in Iceland when the ice, with its white bright color, covers almost everywhere, in a contradiction with the black color of the volcanic lavas. Of course, the winter season is the best time for ice-skating in Iceland with many wonderful places that are specified for skiing.

Regardless of the season, travelers who choose to spend a holiday in Iceland find a lot to explore. In spring, the sun shines like any other season. This enables all beings to shine as well. Iceland is featured for more than 200 types of birds making it the paradise destination for bird watching.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík that is famous for its many contradictories. In the city, one can view old houses made out of iron next to modern high apartments’ buildings. This is the only place in the world where tourists who visit Iceland can view the wonderful gardens next to volcanic rough terrains.

The wonderful countryside that surrounds the city of Reykjavík offers the guests with wonderful chances for fishing, golfing, sailing, mountain hiking, and horse back riding. Due to the fact that Iceland has the lowest population density in Europe, the country is highly recommended for recuperation.

Another popular touristic highlight included in many tours to Iceland is the Mývatn Lake. Located in Northern Iceland, the lake is one of the most picturesque lakes in the world that houses the largest and most various types of ducks and different birds.

There is also Dettifoss, the strongest waterfalls in Europe that is housed inside a national park that holds the same name. Moreover, the Vatnajökull National Park is the largest in Europe that is featured with several natural phenomena especially the stunning ice caves.

The Blue Lagoon is a natural hot water lake in Iceland where the temperature of the water being 40 degrees all year-long. This offers the guests who enjoy their vacations in Iceland with the chance to swim in the coldest weather one can imagine and feel warm in the same time. Situated only 40 kilometers away from the capital of the country, the lagoon also offers many curative services for guests coming from several places in the world.

Iceland is a different unique destination for a holiday. It is the land of various contradictions where the sun appears at night in the summer and the North Pole Aurora lights the sky in the winter. If you are looking for a dissimilar journey, organize your next vacation in Iceland.

10 Tips For Finding Where African-Americans Hang Out In Any City You Visit

I’m an African-American male who likes to domestically travel and explore new cities from time to time, even if I don’t have a true destination or landmark in mind. Sometimes on my journey I find it difficult to find places my people hang out. Over the years, I’ve somewhat become an aficionado when it comes to sniffing out places frequented by African-Americans. So, I’m here to share a few of my tips to help you find African-American hotspots when you’re in an unfamiliar area.

Imagine you’re in a new city and you want to get your hair done, but you have no recommendations and online isn’t yielding any responses. What if you just want to be in an atmosphere that has a high African-American presence. What about you want to go clothes shopping, but looking for urban styled clothing. Or maybe you want to go out to a club, lounge or bar, but want to make sure you arrive somewhere playing your style of music and caters to a black crowd, then what do you do?

Use these following tips to identify places frequented by African-Americans in whichever city you’re in.

Go Downtown

Downtown is usually the center and the melting pot of the city. Here within lies multicultural communities, which commonly includes an African-American community in or around the downtown area. Take a ride or stroll through neighborhoods surrounding downtown and pay attention to the demographics of the area. Also, travel to nearby cities and visit their downtown area and sub-communities as well. Choose the cities with the highest populations.

Look For Landmarks

Look for African-American landmarks, such as statues, museums, centers, or street names that give homage to African-American people or culture, such as a street named, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Landmarks and street names do not always result in finding an African-American neighborhood, but it’s highly probable African-American landmarks and street names will be in or near African-American neighborhoods or communities.

Talk To The Locals

Just flap your gums. When you see someone who look like they could point you in the right direction, then ask “Where are the black people?” Or use more covert language, such as “Where can I get some great soul food? What are the best hip hop clubs in the area? Where do you get your hair done? Do you know where I can find urban clothing? What are some things our people like to do out here?” Talking and asking one of the locals will almost always get you results.

Eat Out At Soul Food Restaurants

You are sure to find African-American people at soul food restaurants in any city. Here you can ask your waiter/waitress about the city and places to go. You can also ask other patrons, but don’t be rude or too vigorous. You can find soul food restaurants easily online.

Event Boards and Loose Flyers

Be on the lookout for event boards or loose flyers that boast African-American related events. Sometimes event boards are inside restaurants or local businesses. Sometimes you’ll find someone passing out flyers for events in a crowded area like downtown.

Ask Family, Friends & Coworkers

It’s likely you might know someone who’s been to the city you are visiting or they know someone who’s been, if they haven’t themselves. They may have knowledge about the area and can help you navigate to a destination of your comfort zone. Ask family, friends and coworkers for recommendations and places to go.

Ask People Online

Online seems to have all the answers these days. Forums and message boards are a good place to start. Post a question and ask about things to do for black people. However, it sometimes seem some people get offended when posing a race-related question. Therefore, if all else fails, then just perform an online search for phrases like, “things to do for African-Americans in [insert city here]”, “hip hop clubs in [insert city here], soul food in [insert city here], black churches in [insert city here]”, etc. Other online sources would be social media sites or dating sites. Join a group (especially African-American related groups) and post a question to the group or pose the question individually to potential daters.

Ask The Hotel Staff

If you’re staying at a hotel in the city, then the hotel staff can be great resources for finding places frequented by black people. Suck it up and just ask the hotel clerk, hotel maid, hotel concierge, hotel shuttle driver, hotel bartender, etc. Politely excuse yourself and ask, do you know of any black [clubs, churches, restaurants, etc.] in the area? It’s likely it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow from the hotel staff, because you’d be surprised the questions they get from travelers. They’ll likely be use to it. What’s the worst that can happen? The hotel staff will tell you “no” they don’t know of any place you seek or worst, you’ll be known by the staff as the person looking for the negro hotspots the rest of your hotel stay. Lol.

Take Public Transportation

Catch the bus, grab a taxi, or contact Uber. Public transportation such as, buses and trains will take you through different neighborhoods. It will allow you to see different areas and demographics. Taxi and Uber will give you the chance to speak with someone who likely knows the entire city like the back of their hand, thus knowing most places where African-Americans hang out. In most cases, you’ll need a destination to request a taxi or Uber, so I’d suggest start with going downtown and make friendly conversation on your way. If you’re already staying downtown, then maybe start with a soul food restaurant destination and make friendly conversation with the driver, to ask your question.

Go For A Drive

If you have wheels, then go for a drive through the city. Get lost, but not without a GPS. Getting lost will usually put you in different neighborhoods and demographics. You could also check with gas station attendants or clerks, and ask your question.

These are just a few basic tips and suggestions for finding black people in any city. When stepping out always be cautious and use common sense. Once you find a new place that you enjoy, then keep a record and share your experience.

I’m sure there are plenty other ways to find where black people hang out, but now you have a reference guide to help you. Although, this helps you find people of color, I do encourage diversity and exploring other cultural happenings while on your journey. This is just specifically for those special times you want to be amongst black people. Happy travels!